Application For Membership

Membership is open to all ex-members or serving members of the Coy's and Battalions of the RWAR family.


Membership of the Association is open to any serving or ex-serving member member of  any of the current or former battalions of the Regiment :

1RWAR, 2RWAR, 11RWAR, 16RWAR, 28RWAR, 11IRC, 28IRC and 11/28RWAR.

Also ex-members of the Regiment's predecessor units: 11/44th Inf Bn, 16 Inf Bn & 28 Inf Bn.

Also any serving and ex-serving member of any Australian Army or Allied Unit, who in the opinion of the committee has shown a genuine interest in the objects of the Association.




Affiliate Membership is open to Associations or individuals who support the aims and ideas of the RWAR Association Inc and that the committee may deem from time to time as worthy of affiliate membership.

Affiliates will have no voting rights and are not eligible to hold positions on the committee.


If you would like to become a member or an affiliate member of the RWAR Association,please use the print facility in your browser to print out the application form from the "Forms" section in the menu above.

If unable to down load application form, please Email or phone the Membership Secretary who will forward a copy to you.

The Membership Secretary contact detail are in the RWAR Committee list via the menu.



Fees are $25 for metro and $15 for country members.