The Hill-Billies

Annual Camp - Northam 1965

Up the track, where the drill is slack,
And the sun shines bright, on an army shack;
They are standing there, with their bums all bare,
Milling around, without a care.

But, I'm glad to say, they've gone away,
And won't be back for many a day;
The "Hill-bill-ees" are standing around.
Never seen so many bums around the town.

There's many a "Bandi-coot", we have seen,
But, this one is dressed in jungle green;
He's standing there, his bum all bare,
And wow, has he got a lot to spare.

The hardest working men, we've seen,
Is the 2IC and his HQ team,
Instead of working, they're using their head,
At finding ways of swinging the lead.

If a sergeant wants to be bored to tears,
He goes to his mess, it's the worst in years;
They pride themselves, on their brilliant wit,
But then, we all know, it's all bullshit.

The Rifle Company, known as "Moonshine Team"
Are occupied in making hillbilly cream;
They're standing there, drinking nectar rare,
With their "Hillbilly Ass-oles" in the air.

When TWO Battalion is on parade,
Their band is playing, their serenade;
The din they make, it doesn't carry far,
From a drum, Jews harp and two string guitar.

In conclusion, it must be said,
By any digger, who uses his head;
The FIRST Battalion, is NEVER second to none
Like that useless Battalion of HILLBLLY BUMS.