RWAR Family Alliance

RWAR Family Alliance.

Since the small groups of Infantry Volunteers were formally grouped into the Five Infantry Battalions of the Western Australian Infantry Brigade in 1900, there have been eighteen separate units of Battalion size operating in Western Australia at various times over our 106 years of official history. The factual details of some of those units are obscure and inaccurate as our ongoing research is proving.

Now in 2006, the Association's representing some of them are still operating while others have already fallen by the wayside.

In 2005, the RWAR Association wrote to all the known ex-service associations of units that go to make up the history of RWAR, with the proposal of forming a RWAR Family Alliance, under the following arrangements:

* Communicate with each other and cooperate for special commemorative occasions of mutual interest to any of the members of the Alliance.

* Keep in touch by swapping individual Association Newsletters.

* No monetary fees would be required, but individual members of ALL affiliated associations would be welcome at any RWAR Association Function by paying the cost of the actual function.

* Assist the Regimental Historian with any requests for information regarding the history of the units they represent.

* Generally work together to preserve the traditions and history of those Infantry Volunteers of Western Australia who have served in the defence of our nation.

The ex-service Associations that make up the RWAR Family Alliance are:

* The Royal Western Australia Regiment Association Inc,
* 11 RWAR Eleven's Group,
* 2/11th Australian Infantry Battalion Association,
* 11th Australian Infantry Battalion Association - WWII,
* 16th Battalion Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia,
* 28th Australian Infantry Battalion Association - WWII,
* 2/28th Australian Infantry Battalion Association,
* The Swan Regiment Association, and
* The 44th Australian Infantry Battalion Association - WWII.

* National Servicemen's Association, WA Branch.
* Bunbury Ex-Army Reserve Association.


From as far back as 1936 and possibly further, the Battalions of Our Regiment have had alliances with many famous British Regiments and many of our Australian Military traditions established by these alliances during the Great War of 1914-18 can be traced to these UK Regiments.

The Highlanders Fourth Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland,
Alliance with 16 RWAR.

Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires),
Alliance with 11 RWAR (11/28 RWAR)

The Rifles,
Alliance with 28 RWAR (11/28 RWAR)

Although the above alliances have yet to be officially confirmed, it is fairly certain that they will be eventually. The original alliances and the various changes of UK regiments will be traced to the present situation in further issues of the Vigilant.(Editor)