Looking Back


My rank was that of Pte, and my maiden name was Linda Finley. I served with Admin Coy 16RWAR from 1981 - 1984, when it was located at the corner of Canning Highway and Washington Street in Victoria Park. I worked in the Q Store and administration section, or what ever else I could be of use.

I was fortunate enough to be in service there when the first female officer was posted to the unit (Lt Corrigan, if I remember correctly). It was she who pushed for our female members to be allowed to wear the coveted "bonnet", rather than giggle hats, Frisbees or those horrible mint and bottle green "Division 4" hats (worn on ceremonial occasions). When the females wore the bonnet for the first time to parade, it made us all feel exceptionally proud to be posted to the unit.

I often think back to those happy days as part of the Vic Park crew, with Shane Edmonds, Steven Hardacre, Jeff McInerny, Mick Coyle, the Magry brothers, Dave Mullins, Matthew Conka, Tony Banner, Jim Kettle and so on - forgive me if I've misspelled anyone's names, but it's been a long time since I issued them with clothing, equipment or weapons. Casting my mind back makes me smile with happy memories, as there were many good times shared at the old barracks.

A decade or so ago I worked for the same firm as Mick Coyle and Carl Betts . More recently, by pure chance I've caught up with one of the cadre staff from those times, Sgt Bert Willmot.

My A Res training came in handy, for it help me in my academic studies when covering ballistics and practices used in war, that also related to forensic archeology and forensic anthropology.

Also, please pass on my sincerest regards to Brigadier Geoff Hand, who was my Social Studies teacher in my first year of high school (1976), who I regularly hassled out because females were not included in the Cadets in those days.

Sincerest regards to all,

(Mrs) Linda Johnson.

(B.A. Grad.Dip.For.Sc)