Listen In

President and members of the Regiment

Next year will mark the 50th Birthday of the Regiment. It is difficult to know how we ought to mark such an occasion. When to hold it, on the Army's stated birthday or the Regiment's believed birthday. Our Constituency is so varied. Some do not like formality, while others do; some would like partners present; others not. Some are happy to pay (actual money) for a gala event, while some consider any payment unreasonable. Some want a rock group, others want an army band. Some think it should be serving members only, while others for the 'Old and Bold' only. The Government does not think it should pay and the Army WILL NOT pay.

So, it's perfectly clear. We can have a short, long, informally formal, no cost/ low cost / high cost, partnered / men only, day / night event, whenever we want, that the younger, old, frail and infirmed, perfectly healthy will voluntarily attend, with some coercion, in very large numbers with or without the Honorary Colonel, if you do all the work. So who should organise it. Should it be the Regimental Committee, the Regimental Associations, current members of the Battalions, the old and bold or newly born, that should risk their financial well-being to fulfil the cost of an event that the Regimental community may or may not decide to attend?

Three wise men, three less wise men and three witless idiots have made a decision... MAYBE.

So we decided that on Saturday, the 3rd July, not the Army's stated birth date (1st July) nor the Regiment's believed birthday (4th July) the occasion will be marked by: A Freedom of the City march in which currently serving and the 'Old and Bold' may participate: A short / short commemorative service and a Gala lunch with entertainment. That's it really:


Please set aside, Saturday the 3rd of July 2010, save your hard earned and answer ALL communications quickly and early, so we can make this thing happen.